There was a time when only Celem danced upon the roof of Skara.

He was Lord of all, Terrible and bright.

All loved Him and all served Him—even Lôm, the Maiden Star, danced for His pleasure.

Skara loved Him too,

and produced by Celem many children.

When Skara’s children were born, Lôm looked on in fury

She too wanted children.

So she danced, harder and faster around Celem.

She danced so hard and so fast that Skara shook, sending her children tumbling

According to every direction.

Some fell to the North.

Some fell to the East.

Some fell into the Forest of Gôm.

Some fell into the South.

Skara hid her children until Lôm’s rage had past.

She disguised her children according to where they had fallen.

Those who fell in the North she made thick of skin and tall.

She taught them the silences of the Forest.

They are the Tamvaasa.

Those who fell to the East she made slender and quick.

She taught them much wisdom and arts.

They are the Shinse.

Those who fell into the Forest of Gôm, she made solid and bronze.

She taught them organization and pride.

They are the Durno.

Those who fell to the South, she made small and compact.

She taught them fortitude and cleverness.

They are the Joria.

Skara’s children gathered and multiplied, filling her empty spaces.

Her tricks worked so well, they forgot they were Siblings.

They forgot to Celem was their Father, and Skara their Mother.

They began to fight, Some to see who was best

Who could dominate Skara for themselves.

Some wise ones remembered, but kept the secrets for Skara’s sake.

Lôm danced and danced, her desire for children grew feverish.

Brought her closer and closer to Celem.

So that Skara would shake and burn with jealousy.

But she never gave birth.

When the Arrogant Durno thought they had won control over Skara

When they had mastered the land and many of its peoples

Skara gave birth to new children.

They came out of the Mountains, from vessels of the Sea

They too wanted to have Skara for themselves.

Lôm noticed these new children.

Her anger caused her grief.

She forgot her love for Celem and she Lanced his heart.

Destroyed him forever.

Lôm’s revenge brought chaos and darkness.

Skara was shaken to her core.

Torn apart by her loss.

Spewing ash in her grief.

When at last her mourning subsided, Skara’s children fearfully looked up.

And Behold!

Lôm had given birth.

To a new Son, a new Lord.

He emitted a cold light that would not go away.

Even at night.

The new God was called by the Durno—Khar

“Cold Sun”

But the wise Shinse named him “Newcomer”

Since then, there has been no time for peace in Skara…


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