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Balwyn was a brutal and brilliant battler built for

The life of the lang lax, lopping off heads and leading warriors

The trees and terf were not yet tamed in that time

Great danger doomed all who dared to drift into its dark distances

Fantastic freaks frolicked there feasting on whatever they found

Many were the meanderers who met this fate no matter their skills and might.

Small was the world which we worked and willed without war or wandering

But happiness could be had in healthy vittels and hot hearths

Except excellent Balwyn, for whom eating and drinking without danger to his end was beyond enduring

So Balwyn broke through the barrier to his settlement bellowing his good byes

Gaal go with ye and grant ye good fortune – called the settlers upon his going

But settler women weeped, wishing wantonly to win him to their hearts and hearths.

So Balwyn strode straight into the silent trees searching for something

He knew not what nor where to wander—except from where the wind beckoned: North.

Cold Klara had always called to his heart. Her fearful hissing and harrowing a challenge

So Balwyn made his way, making the most of Gaal’s guidance to mind the course without mistake.

He journeyed joyously along, just stopping long enough to make Jonderail—that powerful juice

that burns the throat and the eyes, but nourishes the body with strong therapy for weak limbs

Balwyn had not progressed particularly far when a portly form ponderously a-ppeared.

A giant gluttonous creature seeking to gobble all living things in his gargantuan jaws

It fastened upon the travelling Balwyn, raised furry fists with furious desire frothed a roar.

Pretending not to notice the noxious creature, Balwyn unloosed his axe, prepared to knock this nemesis.

The creature crashed through the trees, catapulting at Balwyn who clinged to his weapon courageously

Descending upon Balwyn, the creature drew back for a downward blow only to discover an axe driving

Into his innards. The Creature issued an intense shriek and itched at the axe

But to no avail—its agony ended after an hour or two, Balwyn aching but alive.

He skinned the hairy beast, had the hide made into a cloak and prepared its flesh over a hot fire…

Part 2