Part 14

They were delighted with the new and wondersome tastes that the once wild wanderers brought.

Soon they sent gifts of silver or tools of solid steel back, hoping to savor more.

They took to the task of trading quickly, with great joy

The routes they had ripped roughly out of the woods ran smoother like a road with every footfall.

Though Klara was hard on the land, they found happiness next to hot hearths and hardy vittels.

Balwyn used the time there to urge greater union with every utterance, until his fellows grew sick.

But into their hearts they invited his ideas, for increasingly they idolized him and his wisdom

Throughout Klara’s cold, fathers clamored that he consider consenting to call their daughters, wives.

Each face was more fantastically beautiful, but Balwyn forced himself to faithfully fix upon the Nymph

Though drawn by desire and delighting in his place with his kin, Balwyn did not doubt his decision

So when Gaal’s glory grew longer, bringing warmth and good passages, Balwyn got up

Bidding his kin keep kindness, refraining from killing each other as the key to lasting peace.

With joy and jubilation he prepared to journey to join the Nymph, his jealous kinswomen full of grief.

All begged him to be their chief, to rule the rest of his days, but Balwyn knew where he belonged.

So silently he slipped out of the settlement after the seasonal fest.

Balwyn quickly quit their lands, questing for the way back to a quiet life without qualms.

If he did indeed find it, nobody knows; It is said by some he was sighted in lands far South

Old and watching over a brood of little ones, the gift of the Nymph.

Others talk of his being taken by the terrible Skylings–a tardy revenge for tak ing their mother’s life.

Still others held that he had been hauled up by Gaal to handle matters of Higher importance.

Many have meandered the world in hopes of meeting the Mighty Man; Most returned disappointed.

Others never neared their native North again, so what they discovered can not be known.


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