“Flow blood, flow, give Khärn life, life takes life, makes Khärn grow…”
–Khärn feasting song.

“We Durno are all familiar with their description - red-eyed beasts with brown colored hides for skin, scraggly hair, sharp teeth and extremely large muscular bodies. Apparently this description fails to encapsulate their true ugliness…”
–the account of Na-Swan-se among the Khärn.

(initial situation)

Official stories 

 Khärn Culture Leaders - In-game Lore Events


A new terror has spawned from deep within the Rhozha Mountains. Deformed creatures of massive proportions and incredible strength, the Khärn are endowed with cunning and an allegiance to their own as they pillage and raid the soft and broken world of Skara.

The Khärn began terrorizing Skara’s inhabitants some time after the cataclysm. They are believed to be a visitation of wrath from the angry Authorities in the time of the Two Suns, an unstoppable force of destruction for those left unprepared. Raiding parties have been seen in all parts of Skara, from the frozen North to the burning South. Not all Khärn are alike, and there have been rumours that different looking Khärn also raid each other.

So hope remains. The Khärn care little for the life on Skara’s surface, preferring their home in the fiery belly of Mount Khilma, and other molten pits. Who knows how long that will remain so...


The Khärn put great faith in their strength. They believe it is all that matters among things that move and change. None are exempt from the law of strength, not even fellow Khärn.

The terrible strength of the Khärn is almost unstoppable on the battlefield. A blow from their weapons of stone and bone can devastate even the bravest challenger. Even the ground shakes when a Khärn decides to strike.   For those capable of seeing it, Khärn strength is also a weakness. Swift and carefully timed attacks can break through their thick skins and stone like limbs. But beware: The only thing greater than Khärn strength is Khärn rage.

More "sayings"

"Fear comes from the belly,
So Khärn cut the belly to let it out."
"Anger comes from the chest and fills the head,
Khärn loves the sound it makes, like a war drum."
"Blood-Lust comes from the heart,
It turns Khärn hot and makes him lose control, seeing red."
"Tiredness in battle comes from the arms and the legs,
It is only enemy Khärn cannot fight with weapons."

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